Website Suspended Spam

Hi everybody,

Yesterday I received a strange E-Mail (Subject: Domain IDSTEIN-ONLINE.COM Suspension Notice)

from my host provider, stating that my Domain has been suspended after several complaints about my page. Well, I have not heard anything about that yet, I wondered. Nevertheless, it seemed to come from my host provider Dreamhost and stated my website address. It also gave a link to a page, where the list of complaints could be downloaded.

Well after checking the domain name of the link: It’s crap, bollocks! If you ever receive such an E-Mail (currently they seem to be sent for several host providers, using the data from the public Directory), don’t click the link. It tries to download Ransomware, obviously. Also check the following links for additional info: (obviously these are not yet recognised by a lot of AV-Scanners)

So, take care when opening e-mails and expecially links in e-mails. Always activate Brain 2.0 :-).


Author: markus

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