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  • Website Suspended Spam

    Hi everybody,

    Yesterday I received a strange E-Mail (Subject: Domain IDSTEIN-ONLINE.COM Suspension Notice)

    from my host provider, stating that my Domain has been suspended after several complaints about my page. Well, I have not heard anything about that yet, I wondered. Nevertheless, it seemed to come from my host provider Dreamhost and stated my website address. It also gave a link to a page, where the list of complaints could be downloaded.

    Well after checking the domain name of the link: It’s crap, bollocks! If you ever receive such an E-Mail (currently they seem to be sent for several host providers, using the data from the public Directory), don’t click the link. It tries to download Ransomware, obviously. Also check the following links for additional info: (obviously these are not yet recognised by a lot of AV-Scanners)





    So, take care when opening e-mails and expecially links in e-mails. Always activate Brain 2.0 :-).


  • BadBIOS-Virus/Trojan – Reality or Hoax?


    As some of you might have already read or heard somewhere, there are currently rumours of a rather scary virus/trojan that remind me a little bit of the e-mail-hoaxes I received in the 1990s (this virus will kill your harddisk and then spread to all your e-mail-contacts… – you know what I mean?).

    However, this is actually spread by a well-known security consultant, Dragos Ruiu, and this makes things different (Source: http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/10/meet-badbios-the-mysterious-mac-and-pc-malware-that-jumps-airgaps/). So, I am wondering, if a security guy is fighting this thread for 3 years now, that means everything could be infected by now… desktops, workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, yeah, even my television set (it’s connected to the internet even, so no need for high-frequency transmission). And that leads us to some other, maybe even more important questions:

    • What is the purpose of this malware? Was it done just for fun or is this the source of the NSA-knowledge?
    • Who wrote it?
    • Why did no other security guy confirm this? Are they all paid by the creator of the malware?
    • Why did it take Ruiu so long to go to the public? If it is as serious as he does, he should have involved colleagues years ago.
    • Is our future secure? Everything runs with microchips nowadays, are our lives already under full control of somebody unknown?

    Well, let’s hope that this actually is a hoax, otherwise it might be a good idea to find a lonely island with some antique technology (old refrigerator without microchips, e.g.), move there and wait for the things to come.

    By the way: If this really turns out to be a serious threat, please give it another name – searching for “badbios” on google turns up a lot of bad bios checksum-results).

    I wonder now, if that was the reason why I could not install any kind of Linux from my USB-stick when I setup my netbook lately? 🙂

    So, do not hesitate to add new conspiracy theories to he comments section.