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Another Way to Watch UK-TV (BBC, ITV, etc) outside UK

Hi everybody, Recently, I found another way to watch UK-TV outside the UK, and it even supports livestreaming of Channel 4 and Five (however, only the livestreams, no on-demand like IPlayer, 4oD or ITVPlayer are supported). This time, there is no need for a UK-Proxy or a VPN. Just go to and you have a quite wide variety of UK-Channels available. Since it seems that they already had some legal fights with the broadcasting stations, I am rather positive that this will be an option that is available for a longer time. If you want an easier way to…

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Ever wondered what happened to Lorraine Crosby?

Hi everybody, You may ask now: Lorraine who? I don’t know her anyway…. Well, that’s not completely true, there’s a quite big chance you already might have heard of her: She’s the female voice in Meatloaf’s millionseller ‘I’d do anything for love’. This year, she auditioned for ‘The Voice UK’ – unfortunately, she did not make it through, although her performance of Midnight Train To Georgia was quite good – you can review it on Youtube. Find information in English on the 2-click solution here:

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UK television outside uk – other options

Hi again, Reading through my last post again, I noticed that I forgot to mention 2 more possibilites: 4. Satellite Dish Of course that would be the most easy solution, however, since most British programmes are broadcasted using Astra 2D, which is only covering the British Isles, one would need a quite big dish (2 – 3 meters) in the east of Austria. 5. TOR Network In short: Please don’t use this option, that’s not what the TOR network is about. Media data like television streaming needs a lot of bandwidth, and besides this option being rather slow (it used…

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How to watch UK tv outside the UK

Hi everybody, Nice to see you found my blog – I am new to this and just arrived from the “analogue” world. I want to begin this blog with a question that has appeared about thousands of times already on the Internet, however there are few “good” solutions: How can I watch television from the United Kingdom when I don’t have a UK-IP-address? Actually, as I said, there are a few good solutions out there, but let’s start with what does not work (in my experience, at least): 1. A UK proxy: This won’t work – most proxies are on…

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