Perfect Spread for Toasted Sandwich

Hi everybody,

In my last post I explained a simple way to get the perfect toasted sandwich from the oven and hinted that there are some quite simple ways to create great-tasting spreads as a basis for the sandwiches. Well, here is one:

  • Cut 1/4 of an onion to small pieces
  • Add a piece of garlic, sliced
  • Add a pickled pepperoncini (or a piece of pepper/paprika)
  • Add other vegetables according to taste (olives, mushrooms, corn,… whatever you think may taste great)
  • Add as much mustard (I use Austrian Estragon, but every mustard should be fine as long as it is not too hot) that you can create a smooth paste

Spread the created paste on the sandwiches as a base, add ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami according to your taste and a slice of cheese (Cheddar is very good, but also Gouda, Emmentaler or every other cheese may suit perfectly).

Well, just try a little bit, whatever I do and try, the toasted sandwiches always taste great!

Have fun!

Author: markus

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