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Another Way to Watch UK-TV (BBC, ITV, etc) outside UK

Hi everybody, Recently, I found another way to watch UK-TV outside the UK, and it even supports livestreaming of Channel 4 and Five (however, only the livestreams, no on-demand like IPlayer, 4oD or ITVPlayer are supported). This time, there is no need for a UK-Proxy or a VPN. Just go to and you have a quite wide variety of UK-Channels available. Since it seems that they already had some legal fights with the broadcasting stations, I am rather positive that this will be an option that is available for a longer time. If you want an easier way to…

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Ever wondered what happened to Lorraine Crosby?

Hi everybody, You may ask now: Lorraine who? I don’t know her anyway…. Well, that’s not completely true, there’s a quite big chance you already might have heard of her: She’s the female voice in Meatloaf’s millionseller ‘I’d do anything for love’. This year, she auditioned for ‘The Voice UK’ – unfortunately, she did not make it through, although her performance of Midnight Train To Georgia was quite good – you can review it on Youtube. Find information in English on the 2-click solution here:

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First The Voice UK Auditions

Hi folks, On Saturday, the first ‘The Voice UK’-auditions were broadcasted on BBC One. As expected, a lot of good singers, however, it is interesting that especially the singers who once were successful in the 90s sound quite boring, so it seems that auto-tune was used a lot in this era… is as funny as always (I couldn’t imagine that he would be so funny, before I saw the first ‘The Voice UK’-series last year), nevertheless, my wife and I are quite big fans of Danny. So, quite looking forward to the next installment on Saturday. Find information in…

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