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Is X Factor’s Stevie Ritchie an ‘Eisbiber’?

Hi folks, Has anyone noted already, that X Factor’s Stevie Ritchie looks a little bit like an ‘Eisbiber‘ out of the series ‘Grimm‘? However, obviously, Stevie Ritchie does not look that scared of the world. Find information in English on the 2-click solution here:

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Markus’ Picture Page Online

Hi everybody! I have just started a new website: On this page, I will add photos of the journeys my wife and I took over the years (or will be taking in future). I have started with Scotland 2006 (unfortunately, Scotland 2002-photos were made with a ‘non-digital’-camera) and will add the comments to the photos in the coming days/weeks/months and add additional albums (London, Crete, Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, Cornwall) in the future. Unfortunately, photos from before 2006 will be few due to a system crash / harddisk crash in 2005 (since then, i regularly do backups). If…

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