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  • Confirmed: March was too cold in Central Europe

    Hi everybody,

    Yesterday I saw some quite interesting statistics – first, a German tv station compared this March’s average temperatures to the long-term average temperature for March. These statistics stated, that – in Central Europe – it was too cold by about 4° C.

    Another statistics on CNN compared the Easter temperatures to the Christmas temperature of 2012 and – surprise, surprise – these also stated that Easter was much colder (by about 6 to 8° C in Central Europe) than Christmas. So, no it’s not just a feeling, it is definitely too cold. Nevertheless, since we are in a time of climate change, this means, it must be too warm in other places – if you prefer warm weather, you ought to to to Central Asia, Greenland or the Northeast of Canada, where it was too warm in March :-).

  • 27th of March – Winter in Austria

    Sometimes I am really wondering, if Christmas shouldn’t be postponed to February or March, as – at least in the last years – these months provide a much higher chance of having ‘White Christmas’. This photo was taken from the window of my office in Vienna yesterday.