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  • People’s Behaviour During Concerts

    Yesterday, I went to a Robbie Williams concert. Usually, I do not take seating tickets for such a gig, but since it is a swing concert, my wife and I decided to take these tickets this time.

    Unfortunately, we had come to the conclusion, that some people holding seating tickets show very bad behaviour. First, a group of about 7 people came approx. 20 minutes to late (unfortunatley, they were right next to me, so I had to stand up and let them pass). Then, they needed another 5 minutes to get rid of their jackets (well, actually you should have to leave them at the garderobe, if you are not wearing them).

    If that wasn’t enough, the girl next to me kept using her mobile for Facebook, WhatApp, etc. all through the concert. Unfortunately, there was an Intermission, where they could get something to eat. So, during the second half of the concert, there was eating, discussions about it, and of course, more texting.

    OK, you are right, if you have stance tickets, you will have some drunks coming by, people moving around, but hey: in this case you can move around and avoid it as well, that’s something you can’t do with the seating tickets!

    So, folks out there: Please do not feel like you are at home during concerts and gigs, but please also take consideration of other people around you!

    Thank you very much!

  • Robbie Williams confirms expecting 2nd child during Vienna gig

    On 28th of April, during the first Vienna gig of his ‘Swings Both Ways’-tour, before singing ‘Go Gentle’, the song written for his first-born daughter Teddy, Robbie Williams confirmed that ‘she will be a big sister’ soon.

    So, around 2 years after the birth of Theodora Rose, Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields will be expecting their 2nd child.

    Karin & Markus from Austria wish you and your family all the best for the upcoming months and let’s hope the new-born will then bring on new songs like ‘Go Gentle’ as well!