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  • New Site: https://ipinfo.idstein-online.com

    Hi everybody,

    ever wanted to know a quick way to see, what your IP-Address is and where the web thinks you are located based on the IP? Check out here: https://ipinfo.idstein-online.com. The page is still under construction, but already does what it should do. Have fun!

    Take care!


  • Website Suspended Spam

    Hi everybody,

    Yesterday I received a strange E-Mail (Subject: Domain IDSTEIN-ONLINE.COM Suspension Notice)

    from my host provider, stating that my Domain has been suspended after several complaints about my page. Well, I have not heard anything about that yet, I wondered. Nevertheless, it seemed to come from my host provider Dreamhost and stated my website address. It also gave a link to a page, where the list of complaints could be downloaded.

    Well after checking the domain name of the link: It’s crap, bollocks! If you ever receive such an E-Mail (currently they seem to be sent for several host providers, using the data from the public Directory), don’t click the link. It tries to download Ransomware, obviously. Also check the following links for additional info: (obviously these are not yet recognised by a lot of AV-Scanners)





    So, take care when opening e-mails and expecially links in e-mails. Always activate Brain 2.0 :-).


  • chart.apis.google.com error in Internet Explorer 11

    It seems there is a problem with the chain of referrers with IE 11.

    If I try to connect with IE11 to http://chart.apis.google.com, it seems I am referred to https://chart.apis.google.com – the check of the security certificate here fails and exceptions to the rule are not allowed.
    If I try to connect with Firefox to http://chart.apis.google.com, I seem to get referred to https://developers.google.com/chart/?csw=1 direcly, which works. If I try to connect to the https://chart.apis.google.com, I also see a fail of the check of the security certificate and the rule permits to add the page to the exception pages.

    It seems to me, that IE11 is trying to always connect to the SSL-version of a website, which in this case fails, because the certificate is not valid.

    The solution to this is obviously to replace all instances of “chart.apis.google.com” to chart.googleapis.com”

    Have a nice day!

  • Ways to resolve error code 0xc0000260 when upgrading to Windows 10 on a VirtualBox

    Hello everybody,

    Another post about upgrading to Windows 10, this time on an Oracle VirtualBox. Well, after several failed attempts, the following setting solved it for me: In the settings of the virtual machine, click the “Enable PAE/NX” to activated (find the detailled description with a screenshot here: http://www.eightforums.com/installation-setup/4032-your-pc-needs-repaired-error-0xc0000260-2.html?s=c8602c42ab3c48baaa23fbbb324e5557.

    Please be aware though, that for this to work in the BIOS of your host system the virtualisation support has to be activated (e.g. AMD-V, VT-x). After that, the installation was snooth and made not any problems whatsoever!

    Good luck!

  • Ways to resolve error code 80240020 when upgrading to Windows 10

    Hello everybody,

    As probably a lot of people lately, I tried to get some of my devices to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. However, it was not easy, since I was not one of the first in the queue for MS obviously.

    Well, anyway, there are some descriptions out there how to force your Windows to download the update (if you are not good with Google, take a look here for example: http://www.itechtics.com/download-internet-explorer-all-versions/). Anyway, if you are looking for the error code 80240020, that my Asus convertible displayed after I did this, most pages will just suggest to retrace that steps over and over again.

    Now, after downloading about 2 GB of data (thanks, flatrate broadband!) for 3 times, I realized that a corrupt Download- or DataStore could not be the right solution. Therefore, I did some more research and stumbled over a page by Microsoft themselves, that suggested to add or create a registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade\AllowOSUpgrade] to 0x0000001 (DWORD-type). The detailed solution can be found here: http://answers.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install/windows-10-fehlercode-80240020/5404b1f0-aa17-440e-848a-2dff0ace41c9?auth=1

    As always, please be cautions when changing anything in the registry, because I cannot take any responsibility for any crashed computers :-).

  • Goodbye Nokia Mobiles :-(


    As long as I can remember, Nokia mobile phones were the easiest to use and the ones where the menu structure was the most intuitive. It is very sad, that Nokia was sold to Microsoft, and now, even more sad, Microsoft has decided to not develop new phones (http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/jul/08/windows-phone-microsoft-nokia-layoff-smartphones).

    Well, the good news is that Nokia also is allowed to sell their own phones again soon. So I hope, that they will and will do it right (a Nokia-Android, maybe?).

    Please, take Apple as an idol company, that also was nearly bancrupt once and is now the most valuable company of the world. I wish them that they will have a Steve Jobs, if they decide to restart the phone production!

  • Setting DPI-Value for Image Exports in Java

    Hi all,

    Recently, I tried to export a jpg and a bmp-file from a java-application and wanted to set the dpi-value to 300. Oh boy, that was not easy :-). That’s why I have the 2 links that finally helped me solve the problem collected here:

    • For jpg-files, please read the following (also read the chosen answer): http://stackoverflow.com/questions/233504/write-dpi-metadata-to-a-jpeg-image-in-java
    • For bmp-files, the following method was very helpful (look at the answer from inflamer): http://www.java-forum.org/awt-swing-javafx-and-swt/29574-bmp-imageio-schreiben.html

    Funny, that since 2006, obviously there is still no easier option to write the DPI-value of a bitmap export (at least none that I found).

  • First Impressions of ‘The Sims 4’

    Last weekend I played ‘The Sims 4’ for the first time. My wife and I had gone for a ‘Limited Edition’ and as it seems, it is a rather good new version of the game. Of course, for people who played ‘The Sims’ since their first appearance, there are quite a few missing things and the re-appearance of loading screens when leaving the house is a little bit of a disturbance. We missed some kind of restaurant or bistro on the common grounds, but on the whole, the playing experience is still rather rewarding.

    The positive sides are definitely the multitasking abilities (eating and watching TV at the same time, having dialogues with several people at once) as well as the newly introduced emotions. Furthermore, it seems nearly bug-free, except for one time where the dialogue screen stayed although the dialogue was over for some time, we did not encounter anything unusual. I still hope, that there will come some updates, but if not, I am sure, that there will be add-ons to give us all  the things we are still missing.

  • Who the f… is semalt.com?

    Hi everybody,

    When I recently checked my Google AdSense-account there appeared a site ‘semalt.com’ which seems to have displayed my adverts. After some googling I found out that it is obviously some kind of analytics page. However, I have neither subscribed to their service, nor do I have any connection to that page.

    So I am wondering what this is all about? Do they want to decrease my google ranking through having links on pages that are probably plain link pages? BTW, you need to have a username to access the page.

    Some tipps for AdSense-users:

    • Regularly check your account
    • Make sure, that you use the ‘Allowed Pages’-property on the properties pages

    Additional information can be found here:

    Dear google, some other questions – if I tell my adsense account to ignore views from that page, AdSense tells me that I won’t have revenues from that page – who is getting the revenues for that page then?

    If you have any knowledge of the nature of the services of semalt.com, please share it with us in the forum or add to the discussions on any of the pages I linked to!

  • How to “restart” FreePDF

    Hi all,

    If you are using FreePDF, you might have come to the problem that it suddenly stops working – you have to reboot the computer and suddenly all the documents you wanted to convert to PDF pop up. Well, there is an easier and faster solution than rebooting – go to the FreePDF main directory (e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\FreePDF XP” double-click on fpassist.exe – et voilà: the tool is up and running again.