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  • How to Give a Pill to a Cat

    Hi everybody,

    Everyone who ever had to give a pill to a cat knows, that this can become a quite tricky issue. Cats usually have a rather good understanding, how to avoid swallowing a pill, and it usually comes to some kind of ‘brute force’ that might damage the relationship between the cat and the pill-giver for at least 2 hours or so :-).

    Since one of our cats have to take heart-pills every day now, I developed an idea, how to give the pill in a way the cat actually enjoys taking it. Here we go:

    • Take one of those ‘snack-sticks’ (the kind of snack for cats that looks like a long, tall sausage)
    • Give one small piece to the cat, without pill
    • Stuff the pill into another piece, right in the middle
    • Give this to the cat
    • If the cat spits it out, never mind, sometimes they do that – just stuff it – or the rest, if the cat had, for example, one half already swallowed – into another piece
    • After that, give another 2 or 3 small pieces without the pill again, so that the ‘good’ taste stays
    • If you have another cat, give the rest of the stick to them 🙂

    That’s it. It works most times without having to use force. I will add a video as soon as I’ve come round to make one.

    Good luck!