Brexit – UK referendum to leave the EU

Dear all out there,

Today we may have witnessed an historical day, comparable maybe only to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 or 9/11. I stated both these events on purpose, as we do not yet know if this will turn out to be an historical good or an historical bad day in the history books of the future. My guess: it will be more comparable to 9/11 than to the Berlin Wall. Already, a lot of right-wing leaders within the EU announced that similar referendums should be held in their countries, and an independent Scotland willing to join the EU will not be able to make up on all the future events that may have triggered by the UK vote.

Let me get things straight: I adore the UK people for such a bold move, and it is their good right to vote for such a change. Nevertheless I consider the UK as an important part of the EU. A EU without the UK loses a lot of strength, as does the UK, if it comes to that. I hope, the future will prove me wrong, but I see this as a bad thing for both EU and UK. As a big fan of the UK as a whole (except, maybe, for the Irish, you will nowhere in Europe find people more friendly, welcoming and open, that’s why this vote especially shocked me), I am afraid there will be sorrowful days ahead of us all.

So, I wish you all the best in the coming days, also to David Cameron, even if he’s probably to blame for playing poker not only with his country, but with the whole continent, if not the world as a whole, just for the sake of securing another 4 years in the government.

BTW: Just as a warning for people in other countries falling for big fake people asking their people to leave the EU:

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