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Programme on Arte: TPB AFK

Hi, Yesterday was ‘Internet’- and ‘Copyright’-evening on Arte (a German/French tv station), and after a documentary about Google books there was another documentary about the legal process against the ‘The Pirate Bay’-founders in Sweden. Unfortunately, it started quite late and I wasn’t able to watch it until the end (but, it could be watched again over the Internet:–7415440.html). First of all: Yes, I have quite some sympathy for these guys, and there are a lot of reasons, why Internet-sites like ‘The Pirate Bay’ work. However, I also respect the copyright, so yeah, it was definitely not right what they…

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Confirmed: March was too cold in Central Europe

Hi everybody, Yesterday I saw some quite interesting statistics – first, a German tv station compared this March’s average temperatures to the long-term average temperature for March. These statistics stated, that – in Central Europe – it was too cold by about 4° C. Another statistics on CNN compared the Easter temperatures to the Christmas temperature of 2012 and – surprise, surprise – these also stated that Easter was much colder (by about 6 to 8° C in Central Europe) than Christmas. So, no it’s not just a feeling, it is definitely too cold. Nevertheless, since we are in a…

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