UK television outside uk – other options

Hi again,

Reading through my last post again, I noticed that I forgot to mention 2 more possibilites:

4. Satellite Dish
Of course that would be the most easy solution, however, since most British programmes are broadcasted using Astra 2D, which is only covering the British Isles, one would need a quite big dish (2 – 3 meters) in the east of Austria.

5. TOR Network
In short: Please don’t use this option, that’s not what the TOR network is about. Media data like television streaming needs a lot of bandwidth, and besides this option being rather slow (it used to work when you only needed a one-time-connection with a UK IP-address and then a direct connection between streaming server and receiving device was established), you also keep people who really need this network (because of censorship in their countries) from using the network in a decent speed.

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