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Ways to resolve error code 80240020 when upgrading to Windows 10

Hello everybody, As probably a lot of people lately, I tried to get some of my devices to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. However, it was not easy, since I was not one of the first in the queue for MS obviously. Well, anyway, there are some descriptions out there how to force your Windows to download the update (if you are not good with Google, take a look here for example: Anyway, if you are looking for the error code 80240020, that my Asus convertible displayed after I did this, most pages will just…

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TTIP – Or: The miracle of mining money without losers

Hello everybody, Today’s topic is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (short: TTIP): Basically, it is an agreement between the USA and the EU regarding lifting some obstacles that appeared when selling from the USA to the EU or vice versa. On the whole, one should think that this is a good idea. Well, maybe it is, who knows? Nevertheless, there are some points, that made me thinking: Politicians (even the ones in the EU, that we did not actually vote for) are working for the people. So I do not understand, why these negotiations have to be so secretive,…

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Goodbye Nokia Mobiles :-(

Hi, As long as I can remember, Nokia mobile phones were the easiest to use and the ones where the menu structure was the most intuitive. It is very sad, that Nokia was sold to Microsoft, and now, even more sad, Microsoft has decided to not develop new phones ( Well, the good news is that Nokia also is allowed to sell their own phones again soon. So I hope, that they will and will do it right (a Nokia-Android, maybe?). Please, take Apple as an idol company, that also was nearly bancrupt once and is now the most valuable…

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Asylum seekers in Europe

Hi, Well another topic where Europe is currently failing:  Asylum seekers. There is no question, that it is somehow in our genes to be careful when dealing with something new, hence I can fully understand, that there is some doubt about taking up a lot of asylum seekers. On the other hand: Only a few decades ago, a lot of Austrian/European Continental people were very happy when they were taken up by UK or USA to be able to flee from World War II. Therefore, I see it as our duty, now to help people as well. What the EU…

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Greece, Greece, Greece…

Hi everybody, Long time no see :-). But then again, a lot has happened, Greece is in or out of the Eurozone (who knows?). I really wonder, what the European countries are thinking that they are doing currently. What will happen to most of the money they get the next time? Actually, most of it will probably go back immediately to the IMF or some banks or other countries… So, I do not think that the money will help the Greek people. What Europe should really do is set up a long-time plan, where money goes directly to the people…

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Setting DPI-Value for Image Exports in Java

Hi all, Recently, I tried to export a jpg and a bmp-file from a java-application and wanted to set the dpi-value to 300. Oh boy, that was not easy :-). That’s why I have the 2 links that finally helped me solve the problem collected here: For jpg-files, please read the following (also read the chosen answer): For bmp-files, the following method was very helpful (look at the answer from inflamer): Funny, that since 2006, obviously there is still no easier option to write the DPI-value of a bitmap export (at least none that I found). Find information…

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Is X Factor’s Stevie Ritchie an ‘Eisbiber’?

Hi folks, Has anyone noted already, that X Factor’s Stevie Ritchie looks a little bit like an ‘Eisbiber‘ out of the series ‘Grimm‘? However, obviously, Stevie Ritchie does not look that scared of the world. Find information in English on the 2-click solution here:

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First Impressions of ‘The Sims 4’

Last weekend I played ‘The Sims 4’ for the first time. My wife and I had gone for a ‘Limited Edition’ and as it seems, it is a rather good new version of the game. Of course, for people who played ‘The Sims’ since their first appearance, there are quite a few missing things and the re-appearance of loading screens when leaving the house is a little bit of a disturbance. We missed some kind of restaurant or bistro on the common grounds, but on the whole, the playing experience is still rather rewarding. The positive sides are definitely the…

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People’s Behaviour During Concerts

Yesterday, I went to a Robbie Williams concert. Usually, I do not take seating tickets for such a gig, but since it is a swing concert, my wife and I decided to take these tickets this time. Unfortunately, we had come to the conclusion, that some people holding seating tickets show very bad behaviour. First, a group of about 7 people came approx. 20 minutes to late (unfortunatley, they were right next to me, so I had to stand up and let them pass). Then, they needed another 5 minutes to get rid of their jackets (well, actually you should have…

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Robbie Williams confirms expecting 2nd child during Vienna gig

On 28th of April, during the first Vienna gig of his ‘Swings Both Ways’-tour, before singing ‘Go Gentle’, the song written for his first-born daughter Teddy, Robbie Williams confirmed that ‘she will be a big sister’ soon. So, around 2 years after the birth of Theodora Rose, Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields will be expecting their 2nd child. Karin & Markus from Austria wish you and your family all the best for the upcoming months and let’s hope the new-born will then bring on new songs like ‘Go Gentle’ as well! Find information in English on the 2-click solution here:

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