Asylum seekers in Europe


Well another topic where Europe is currently failing:  Asylum seekers. There is no question, that it is somehow in our genes to be careful when dealing with something new, hence I can fully understand, that there is some doubt about taking up a lot of asylum seekers.

On the other hand: Only a few decades ago, a lot of Austrian/European Continental people were very happy when they were taken up by UK or USA to be able to flee from World War II. Therefore, I see it as our duty, now to help people as well. What the EU and Austria currently are doing, could be called a kindergarden-behaviour, if it was not so tragic. The problem for the EU currently is, that it is hung – neither is is a real community in regards of politics, nor can we be seen as separate countries any more. So one country is pointing to the next one if it is coming to taking up the refugees, instead of trying to help as much as possible. So there are 2 solutions in my opinion: Either we are growing to be one or the EU will be falling apart as a whole with all consequences (which will probably result in World War III).

I think, we should not sacrifice our humanity and values on trying to keep them away, because one thing is for sure: If we like it or not, the refugees will come. We can deal with it or we may do nothing and to the EU will happen what happened to the Roman empire in the 5th century during the Migration Period!

Author: markus

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