Greece, Greece, Greece…

Hi everybody,

Long time no see :-). But then again, a lot has happened, Greece is in or out of the Eurozone (who knows?). I really wonder, what the European countries are thinking that they are doing currently. What will happen to most of the money they get the next time? Actually, most of it will probably go back immediately to the IMF or some banks or other countries… So, I do not think that the money will help the Greek people. What Europe should really do is set up a long-time plan, where money goes directly to the people of Greece.

Yeah, you are right, dear reader: The Greek people probably lived on debt for a very long time. But then again, who doesn’t? We in Austria definitely do, but we are lucky that our economy is still up. As soon as this would really go down, I am quite sure we will probably soon be in a similar position (actually, a rather good report, though in German, with a comparison of myths about Greek and reality in Austria can be found here:

So, as the IMF already found out, making the rich richer does nothing for the poor, but giving money to the poor really helps the economy. So, Europe, do it now!

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