Who the f… is semalt.com?

Hi everybody,

When I recently checked my Google AdSense-account there appeared a site ‘semalt.com’ which seems to have displayed my adverts. After some googling I found out that it is obviously some kind of analytics page. However, I have neither subscribed to their service, nor do I have any connection to that page.

So I am wondering what this is all about? Do they want to decrease my google ranking through having links on pages that are probably plain link pages? BTW, you need to have a username to access the page.

Some tipps for AdSense-users:

  • Regularly check your account
  • Make sure, that you use the ‘Allowed Pages’-property on the properties pages

Additional information can be found here:

Dear google, some other questions – if I tell my adsense account to ignore views from that page, AdSense tells me that I won’t have revenues from that page – who is getting the revenues for that page then?

If you have any knowledge of the nature of the services of semalt.com, please share it with us in the forum or add to the discussions on any of the pages I linked to!

Author: markus

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