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Hi all,

Today I have a book-tip (or, actually, several book-tips) for you. I recently read all the books (that’s currently 4) written by Kate Morton, a rather young Australian author. She has a very lively way to describe things. After reading ‘The Forgotten Garden’ you might not believe that there’s no ‘Eliza Makepiece’ (well, I checked with Google, she’s pure fiction – however that means that Mrs. Morton might have become a very good fairy-tale teller as well ;-)).

After reading ‘The Distant Hours’, I really would have loved to read ‘The Mudman’ (in German translated as ‘Modermann’, which does not quite get it, in my opinion, even if it keeps to the ‘same beginning letters’-policy), again a story within the story of her books (no chance either).

All her books are set around the beginning of the 20th century, so if you like ‘Downton Abbey’, you probably will love Kate Morton’s Books.

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