‘Black Tie’ by A.R. Gurney in Vienna’s English Theatre

And now for something completely different (I warned you, this blog really covers a lot of topics)…

On Saturday, my wife and I went to Vienna to watch a play in Vienna’s English Theatre: ‘Black Tie’ by A.R. Gurney. A very amusing piece about the changes of dresscode (but not only dresscode) in today’s US during the time, offered by 3 generations. First, there is the main character, Curtis, who is about to write a speech for his son’s rehearsal dinner (or, as his father might want to put it, the bridal dinner). He is the one most torn apart between good old manners and modern lifestyle. During the play, his late father arrives as a ghost to support him with the task, however, as his father has rather old-fashioned manners, this leads to quite some trouble, especially with Curtis’ daughter, who is helping his wife to organize the dinner.

This play leads to a lot of laughter, so if you are near, it definitely is worth spending some money and have a very relaxing evening.

Author: markus

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