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Hi everybody,

Since Google is killing iGoogle in November this year, I have searched the net for alternatives. If you not yet have found what you are looking for as an alternative, you may look for these pages:

http://www.ighome.com is currently my site of preferred choice. Especially if you do not want the look and feel of iGoogle changed, this may also be the site for you!

The alternative I tried before, was http://www.netvibes.com, which offers a lot of possibilities, but has a quite different look and feel. Nevertheless, this may right be what you are looking for.

Let me know, which one you prefer in the comments section – you might also help other people finding their alternatives!

Author: markus

4 thoughts on “iGoogle Alternatives

    1. Hi Cosmin,

      Thanks for that – actually I did not even get try it as I do not have a Facebook account (and no intention to get one, as I like to be the master of my own data).

  1. Out of all of the alternatives listed on the saveigoogle.org list of nearly 100 choices, ighome is pretty much the closest thing. There are a couple of problems that compelled me to abandon it as well afer trying it out for a month: 1. If you go into the google search right from within ighome, you cannot modify your results. More often than not I want to filter my results by date, and the only way I can do that is to to into google.com outside of igoogle and do my search. Extra step. Very annoying.
    Secondly, I am not sure that I want to hand over my passwords to my gmail, evernote etc. accounts to a third party. With google, I know they already have it anyway (my gmail password, that is), so I am not as worried about it.
    That said, the gadgets work fairly similarly, so it looks and “feels” very much like igoogle, so for those users who don’t commonly narrow down search results, and who don’t lose sleep over passwords, it is probably the best choice out there.

    1. Hi Doris,

      Maybe they have changed this in the meantime – if you set the search engines in the preferences to Google instead of ighome provided by google, you are sent straight to the Google (.com/.co.uk/.au/.ca) website after entering a search term. However, you are right regarding the password issue, but to keep at least the most basic functionality, I am afraid that it is necessary.

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