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  • chart.apis.google.com error in Internet Explorer 11

    It seems there is a problem with the chain of referrers with IE 11.

    If I try to connect with IE11 to http://chart.apis.google.com, it seems I am referred to https://chart.apis.google.com – the check of the security certificate here fails and exceptions to the rule are not allowed.
    If I try to connect with Firefox to http://chart.apis.google.com, I seem to get referred to https://developers.google.com/chart/?csw=1 direcly, which works. If I try to connect to the https://chart.apis.google.com, I also see a fail of the check of the security certificate and the rule permits to add the page to the exception pages.

    It seems to me, that IE11 is trying to always connect to the SSL-version of a website, which in this case fails, because the certificate is not valid.

    The solution to this is obviously to replace all instances of “chart.apis.google.com” to chart.googleapis.com”

    Have a nice day!